Story house
Su-Hsiao-Wuo (Story house):

Owner: This is derived from our own house.  The kids are still young, so we have space to share.  This is no ordinary commercial or stereotype B&B, without those advertised themes of ocean, princess, or retrospection.  It has been refurbished as our own house.  The overall design, the furniture and furnishing are all of fine quality and to our liking.  

We insist on offering the best accommodation, so we choose the redwood furniture from Wood Chic, not the makeshift, low-quality ones that can be found in the market. With more than sixty years of experience in wood crafting, the wood furniture is warm and comforting in texture with elegant curves, complex structure and exquisite sculpture.  All our guests admire the furniture with owe.   

The entire building approximately occupies 100 pings.  Each room is slightly more than 8 pings, very spacious and comfortable.  We hope our guests feel at home when they are here with us, and that they can feel the residence and the surroundings with their hearts.