Green Hall, Taiwan
Guests' Room of the Presidential House - Green Hall, Taiwan
Yung Shing Furniture Company designed and produced furniture for the Presidential Office, the Executive Yuan and the Examination Yuan before, now it has again being commissioned to craft furniture for the Guests' Room of the Presidential Office - Green Hall, Taiwan.
The guests we are serving are all distinguished guests visiting the Presidential Office.  The designs, forms and manufacturing have to match perfectly with the space, carpet, curtain, lighting, etc. to obtain the overall coherence.  Cultural background and humanist spirit should be taken into consideration as well to make the Presidential Office majestic and impressive.  Therefore, it is not common task or routine furniture maintenance, renovation or manufacturing.  Finally, from the study of literature and field investigations conducted by scholars and experts to examine the interior structure and decided on the theme of artistic expression.  It was concluded on the following four themes as the concepts of design and renovation: Conservation of ancient heritage, cultural intrinsic values, artistic eyes, and a sense of modernity.  
【Material Selected】
Rosewood is one of the most valuable woods in the Orient.  The wood pattern is obvious and elegant, it is durable, strong against rotting, the first-notch wood material for furniture.  It was recorded in the <On Exotic Woods> in <Ge-Gu-Yiao-Lun> by Wang, Tzuo during Tien-Shun Era in Ming Dynasty. 
Yung Shing Furniture Co, was established in 1958.  It has not only promote the superior tenon-and-mortise structure in traditional Chinese tradition of furniture, it selected rosewood as the material to design and develop furniture for the guests meeting room of the Presidential Office that is a combination of modern Oriental images and aesthetics of tastes in life. 
【Crafting Method】
Using the crafting method of exposed tenon-and-mortise structure, the hidden characters of Oriental structure is revealed, signifying how people's status is elevated. The surface of the furniture is presented in the most natural way to showcase the most clarifying and the most amiable and original face of solid wood, just like the integrity of Taiwanese people with modesty, sincerity and honesty.   

The stereotype of the work was offered by Professor Yuan-hua Lu, Ph.D. of Architecture in National Cheng Kung University.  The design was further developed by Project Manager Huang, Chi-Tsong and formative designing experts from domestic and abroad.  Its basic forms are inherited directly from the simplicity of ancient furniture without elaborate decorations!
Delicate and convenient, simple and tailored, exquisite and natural, all of these are added to the natural, graceful patterns and sheen of rosewood.  We attempted to integrate traditional handcraft aesthetics and modern living space.  It's simple, honest and elegant, which show the personalities of Taiwanese people: Open-minded, unsophisticated, natural and down-to-earth.