Company Introduction

Yung Shing

Established in 1958, Yung Shing Furniture Co. Ltd. has been in the business of manufacturing handcrafted solid wood furniture for nearly sixty years.  Yung Shing insists on the traditional tenon-and-mortise manufacturing method and creates the unique oriental humanistic features to present local cultures, styles and resonates into brand new creativity and lifestyle. 
Yung Shing Furniture Enterprise combines design, manufacturing, marketing and culturally creative business into one.  "Yung Shing Hsiang Wood Co." is a factory for customization. "Woody Chic" in Jen-te, Tainan is the marketing brand with branches in Tainan and Kaohsiung.  "Furniture Manufacturing Eco-Museum in Tainan" emphasizes on the functions of archiving, displaying, education and promotion, with bountiful hands-on experience blended into the tour.  And "Lu Ban Woodwork School", which has been around for 10 years, is one of the pioneers in offering private carpentry education in Taiwan.    
  In recent years, Yung Shing has devoted itself to improving furniture structure, functions, formative design and creation, as well as the transformation into a culturally creative industry.  Step by step we have established the brand of sales - "Woody Chic - Modern Oriental Furniture" and Furniture Manufacturing Eco-Museum in Tainan devoting itself to the education and heritage of furniture artistry with Lu Ban Woodwork School and the archiving and research of furniture culture.  Hopefully, the company wishes to fulfill its part of social responsibility.  The enterprise of Yung Shing Furniture business joins the efforts of elites from industries, government, academic and research institutions to innovate on a new concept of culture and life that mingles well with modern oriental lifestyle and creates furniture suitable for people of the Orient.  It is the company's expectation to promote Chic Wood the brand to the summit of the stage of international furniture industry.  

Services offered include:
Research & development of new furniture, customized furniture, professional carpentry learning, space-planning projects, interior design, renovation, etc.

Business system
Yung-Shing-Hsiang Woodcraft Co
Yung-Shing-Hsiang Woodcraft Co. persists in its insistence on the traditional tenon-and-mortise handicraft, creatively researches and develops on the drawing of a new atlas of solid-wood furniture.  From exporting solid-wood furniture to Japan and the United States, it develops with time and shifts its focus on the design, research and development of the forms and specifications of Oriental furniture.  A workflow of handicraft making “shape, tenon, carve, and grind”  is developed on the foundation of craftsmanship.  It creatively reconstructed the manufacturing base, completed its transition into a woodcraft manufacturing company with modern operation mode into a large-scale innovative enterprise based in three cities across the Taiwan Strait (Tainan, Shenzhen, Jia-yung).  Skillful, experienced carpenters with excellent techniques abound, who have been commissioned to work on the furniture of Green Hall in the Presidential Office, the rocking chair exclusively for Madame Soong, Mei-ling, and the making of furniture to be used in the Palace Museum, who also demonstrated the high-end traditional craftsmanship and skills in the frame-removing project of Empress Dowager Ci Xi’s portrait commissioned by National Museum of History.
Yung Shing Furniture Co. Ltd.
Much affected by the influence of oriental culture and modern economical & social status quo, facing our way of life with delicacy not only elevates living standards and levels, but further demonstrates Oriental humanistic traits that blend in perfectly with the ambience of modern life.  Therefore, a group of wooden handicraft lovers who consider it possible to demonstrate the beauty of life in purer and more delicate way put heart and soul into it, pursuing relentlessly the possibilities of development.  Through their efforts over half a century, a combination of lives and passion through two generations, originates from benevolence, bases in handicraft, complimented by cultural creativity, a compound of the industry has been constructed.  We insist on the traditional tenon-and-mortise jointing methods and the nuclear values in manufacturing solid wooden handicraft.  This claim persists the exclusive value imbedded in handicraft art that comes “with specific methods but without specific forms” in traditional Oriental culture and sufficiently demonstrate the new spirit of Taiwan today – “Modern Orient – Ideological Furniture in Humanist Living.”
Woody Icon
Based on wood, influenced by the traditional Confucian thinking, the woodcraft gift-item workshop of originality and creativity insists on developing a consciousness culture with six senses – taste, sound, color, scent, method, and touch.  Joining efforts of young, interdisciplinary artists, craftsmen, designers, accentuating handicraft gift items with an air of the Orient, crafting modern artistic styles, the Wooden Gift Workshop of Originality and Creativity insists on demonstrating Oriental spirit of originality and creativity, while strives to achieve artistic designs of products, sustainable development and demonstration of cultural values.
Woody chic
Upon the more than half-a-century foundation of furniture making and sales, Yung-Shing Co. introduced a franchise sales channel of furniture – Woody chic, selling exclusively solid wooden furniture and fixtures endowed with oriental ideology.  Combining efforts from excellent architects, designers, and artists, we jointly promote interior planning and decorative art, develop innovatively trendy and fashionable artistic spaces featuring wooden furniture.  An operation mode that allows the presentation of multiple brands, it provides the consumers with services to create overall modern Oriental furniture, striving to create and blend in new conventions of modern Oriental humanistic living.
Wide of Orient
Affected by the influence of strategic altitude of marketing development and modern marketing conventions, a media broadcasting team that emphasizes exclusively on the integrated marketing of corporate culture – Wide of Orient Culture and Media – was established.  A seasonal periodical entitled < Wide of Orient > has been published for three years, a book-launching activity for the book <Dong Fong Jien> was held in major cities promoting books, < Wide of Orient Music Story I. > and < Wide of Orient  Music Story II. >.  Humanistic activities like tea-making ritual, incense ritual, flower arrangement and DIY activities have been held in both Taiwan and China.  Legendary inheritance and development of Oriental culture have been persisted in the emergence and promotion of new ideology in Oriental humanistic life.
To create the Furniture Manufacturing Eco-Museum in Tainan, the old location of Yong-Shing Furniture manufacturing site – which has been operated for more than half a century and faithfully recorded the history of development of furniture in Taiwan - was renovated into a manufacturing eco-museum with multiple functions like archiving, exhibiting, researching and teaching.  In here, one can clearly see the multiple formative progresses of Taiwanese architectural structure.  A natural revelation of historical carvings can be observed in the formative architectural vocabulary, complimented with the essential qualities and history of the overall exhibiting environment.  Visitors can observe the handicraft essence of traditional furniture in the spirit of Taiwanese handicraftsman and have a glimpse on the changes and transitions of the culture of furniture industry in Taiwan.  Inhibiting education in the entertainment and communicating solid-wood handicraft culture to the general public have always been the purposes of the eco-museum.
Inheritance of Handicraft Tech
This business which inherits wooden handicraft techniques started in 2004, with a theme of demonstrating sufficiently the dynamic mobility of human resources and the effects of think-tank.  It aims to continue on with Taiwanese handicraft culture and make the beauty and dexterity of the traditional tenon-and-mortise handicraft technique visible to the world and be sustained.  Because of this insistence on cultural inheritance and handicraft value, Yung-Shing Furniture takes the responsibility of traditional handicraft continuation on its shoulders and established “Ruban Craft Academy” in the hope of communicating the art to the public with the combination of tenon-and-mortise technique and innovative design in the upbringing of new design talents in the making of Taiwanese furniture.  Presently, the school is providing a professional and safe learning environment and expertise furniture carpentry programs, with experienced furniture makers from Yung-Shing and expertise excellent faculty teaching handicraft technology.
The establishment of “Tainan Furniture Product Association” carries the goal of joining efforts from professionals and experts from industry, academics, legislative representatives and government administrative staff, putting together resources and ideas from all aspects, and sparing no effort to promote the research, education, archiving, exhibition, culture promotion and innovative design.  It promotes as well the intercommunication between handicraft aesthetics and technological knowledge, and further promote overall international competitiveness of furniture industry in Taiwan.